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Solar 101

In our Solar101 series, we share the bits and pieces of a solar PV system.

  • 10 Things To Consider when Going Solar

    Congratulations! Considering going solar is the first step to a cleaner and more environment-friendly home and Philippines. But before you hit “add to cart” and install your solar energy system, here are the things you must carefully consider to fully maximize your investment. 1. Location Where you put your solar energy system is one of […]

  • Solar Energy Systems in Times of Disasters

    We often say that rainy and cloudy days are the solar energy system’s weakness. But the truth is, in times of disaster like storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis, the solar energy system is what saves us by providing emergency power that can last for days. Further, solar energy systems, especially off-grid types can be easily set-up […]

  • Things To Consider in DIY Solar Energy System

    Solar energy system is a big, long-term investment, thus, it costs quite a substantial amount. Part of the cost is the installation fee. That is why there are people who think of Doing-It-Yourself or DIY. This is because people who go DIY pay less upfront, have full control of the project, and have that sense […]

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